• Creating new scenarios and new meanings for your business

    Localizing content into 80+ languages.
    Translating subtitles, transcribing, providing voiceover, and dubbing videos. The voice actors that we work with are strictly professional native speakers in their target languages. Adapting and designing audios, videos, and animations from scratch

  • Localizing your solutions and playing by your rules

    Working in professional environments for software localization. Curating customer glossaries and translation memories. Integrating proprietary and third-party connectors for continuous localization

Our Customers

How We Localize Your Product

  • We review your request

    You can get in touch with us in any way you find convenient (email, phone, website form, WhatsApp, Telegram)

  • We appoint a project manager

    They will become your key contact during project execution

  • We discuss the terms of reference

    The scope of work, cost, deadlines, special requirements for the style and format of translation, whether SEO is required, whether continuous update localization (via API or otherwise) is required

  • We assemble a team

    Depending on the volume, timing and subject matter, the manager picks out team members with confirmed industry expertise

  • We localize and adapt

    We discuss challenging aspects with translators and editors, test and adapt the translation to the output format, and reach out to the customer for coordination when we encounter hard-to-translate segments, wordplay, and creative language use

  • We assemble and test the product

    We run preliminary tests on the product before assembling the locale: integrate resource files, edit audio and video files and add voiceovers, create layouts for instructions and presentations, and connect testers after publication

Attention to Every Detail

Providing localization services for any product of any urgency level, any volume, and into any language

20+ Years of Experience
Our company entered the translation market in 2000
Proprietary Solutions
Tera TMS, API Translation Plug-in, SpeakUs and so much more
500+ Linguists
Each translator, editor, and proofreader has to complete 3 test tasks before they are added to AWATERA's linguist database
80+ Languages
Pick a language pair in our Calculator or request a custom translation into a rare language
Offices in Europe, the CIS and the US
You can enter an agreement with one of our legal entities in the USA, UAE, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Czech Republic, and Cyprus
Certificates and Ratings
ISO 9001, ISO 17100; Translationrating.ru Top-3, CSA Research Top-5 in Southern Europe, Nimdzi Top-100

Case Studies

Working with any localization projects and any types of resource files. Integrating API connectors into our projects for continuous update localization. Using translation memories and automated glossaries to speed up our work and reduce localization costs for your product

    Landing page localization into 3 languages
  • Web Games Interactive
    Localization into English, French and German for Ghost Tower, Citadels, and Mystery Lane
  • SberCloud
    Platform localization for full-cycle ML development
  • Aeroflot
    Continuous website localization into 7 languages
  • QIWI
    Translation of the payment system's website into 8 languages
  • VDNH
    Real-time translation of over 500 website pages
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